Caught Forever Between–A Hoodoo Story

Caught Forever Between–A Hoodoo Story

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve published a short story set in the world of my Hoodoo books (Black Dust Mambo and Black Heart Loa) via my own Dreaming Nomad Books. “Caught Forever Between” features Gabrielle LaRue and Devlin Daniels, and you can enjoy the story without having read the books.

You can find it for sale on Smashwords (where you can read a free sample of the story), Amazon, and (free sample also available). A review of the story by’s own Paul Goat Allen absolutely floored me (in a good way. LOL)!

Deep in the bayou, justice comes in many forms.

When Cass finds her partner lying on the floor of their New Orleans tattoo shop in a pool of blood, the world as she knows it ends. Alex, her ink-slinging Michelangelo, lies in the hospital comatose, perhaps permanently.

Lacking faith in the police and their ability to find whoever shot Alex, Cass puts the word out that she’s seeking justice, justice she will willingly pay for.

When a Voodoo mambo offers the services of her mysterious godson, Cass finds herself stepping into a dark, deadly world, one that she may not walk out of again intact.

“Phoenix is a beautiful storyteller–her prose flows like poetry.”
–Explorations: the BN SciFi & Fantasy Blog


  1. I´ve read this story and it´s totally awesome. Like all your storys it has got this great characters and the storyline… love it. And your way to write- amazing. Sry for the english I´m german. Pleas keep writing! 😀

  2. Hi Adrian, I was wondering, is it true that the Caught forever between story is only available through ebook? I was looking online to buy this book but I can only find it as a kindle ebook and unfortunatly I do not have a kindle, i still prefer an actual book. 😉 Hopefully there will be a (future?) different way of purchasing this story for I would like to add it to my hoodooseries collection in the making. Greetings from the Netherlands, Debora

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