Maker’s Song Glossary

This is only a partial glossary gathered from The Maker’s Song books since each book contains its own complete glossary. Here you’ll find some Elohim and nomad phrases along with Cajun.

Aingeal (AIN-gyahl), angel.  Fallen/Elohim word.

Ami, (m) friend, (f) amie. Mon ami, my friend.

Anhrefncathl (ann-HREVN-cathl), chaos song; the song of a Maker.  Fallen/Elohim word.

Apprentis, (pl) apprentices (s) apprenti.

Aussi, too, also.

Au ’voir, short for au revoir, good-bye.

Beaucoup, very, much, many, a great deal.

Bien, well, very.

Bon, good, nice, fine, kind.

Bonne chance, good luck.

Ça fait pas rien, you’re welcome. Also, pas de quoi.

Ça fini pas, it never ends.

Calon-cyfaill, (KAW-lawn-CUHV-aisle) bondmate, heartmate.

Catin, (f) doll, dear, sweetheart.

Ça va bien, I’m well, I’m fine, I’m good, okay.

Ça va pas du tout, Things aren’t going well at all.

Cercle de Druide, Circle of Druids, a sacred and select nightkind order.

C’est bon, that’s good.

Chalkydri (chal-KOO-dree), winged serpentine demons of Sheol, subservient to the Elohim.

Cher, (m) dear, beloved; (f) chèreMon cher, (m) my dear or my beloved.

Cher ami, mon, (m) my dearest friend, my best friend; intimate, implying a special relationship. (f) Chère ami, ma.

Cheri, (m) dearest, darling, honey (f) chérie.

Chien, (m) dog. (f) Chienne, dog, bitch.

Creawdwr (KRAY-OW-dooer), creator; Maker/Unmaker; an extremely rare branch of the Elohim believed to be extinct.  Last known creawdwr was Yahweh.

Creu tân (kray tahn), Maker’s fire, a creawdwr’s power of creation.

Cydymaith (kuh-DUH-mith), companion.

D’accord, okay.

Elohim, (s and pl) the Fallen; the beings mythologized as fallen angels.

Exactement, exactly.

Fallen, see Elohim.

Fi’ de garce, son-of-a-bitch.

Filidh, master bard/warriors of the llygaid.

Fils, son. Mon fils, my son.

Fille de sang, (f) blood-daughter; “turned” female offspring of a vampire.

Fils de sang, (m) blood-son; “turned” male offspring of a vampire.

Je connais, I know.

Je t’aime, I love you.

Je t’entends, I hear you. Je t’entends, catin, I hear you, doll.

Joli, (m) pretty, cute; (f) jolieMon joli, my pretty boy.

J’su ici, I’m here.

J’su sûr, I’m sure

Le Conseil du Sang, the Council of Blood, nightkind lawgivers.

Llygad, (THLOO-gad) (s) eye; a watcher; keeper of immortal history; story-shaper; Llygaid, (THLOO-guide) plural.

Ma belle femme, my beautiful woman, lady. Can mean wife.

Ma mère, my mother.

Marmot, (m) brat.

Menteuse, (f) liar; (m) menteur.

Merci, thank you.  Merci beaucoup, thanks a lot.  Merci bien, thanks very much.

Merde, shit.

Mère de sang, (f) blood-mother; female vampire who has turned another and become their “parent.”

Minou, (m) endearing name for a cat.

M’selle, (f) abbreviated spoken form of mademoiselle, Miss, young lady.

M’sieu, (m) abbreviated spoken form of monsieur, Mr., sir, gentleman.

Naturellement, naturally, of course.

Nephilim, the offspring resulting from Fallen and mortal unions.

Nightbringer, a name/title given to Lucien De Noir.

Nightkind, (s and pl) vampire; Dante’s term for vampires.

Nomad, name for the pagan, gypsy-style clans who ride across the land.

Oui, yes.

Oui sûr, Yeah, sure; yeah, right.

Père, (m) father, Mon père, my father.

Père de sang, (m) blood-father; male vampire who has turned another and become their “parent.”

Peut-être, maybe, perhaps.

P’tit, mon, (m) my little one, (f) p’tite, ma. (Generally affectionate.)

Quitte moi tranquille, leave me alone.

Tais toi, shut up.

T’es sûr de sa? are you sure about that?  T’es sûr? you sure?

Toujours, always.

Tout de suite, right away, right now.

Très, very.

Très joli, (m) very pretty.

True Blood, born vampire, rare and powerful.

Une main lave l’autre, one good turn deserves another.

Va t’cacher, go to hell.

Wybrcathl (OOEEBR-cathl), sky-song.  Fallen/Elohim word.