Caught Forever Between

“This terrific short story set in the world of the author’s Hoodoo series packs a solid punch . . .” — Bitten by Books

“Like Phoenix’s Hoodoo novels, Caught Forever Between is fueled by an  impressively complex storyline and a cast of intriguing characters. In my mind, this story is a win-win for readers: longtime fans of Phoenix’s Hoodoo saga will enjoy this entertaining side story featuring LaRue and Daniels and newcomers to the series will find this short story a perfect place to dip their feet into the black magic and earthy sexuality of this excellent paranormal fantasy saga.” — Explorations: The BN SciFi and Fantasy Blog

“Caught Forever Between is an action packed, sit on the edge of your seat kind of hot that has you feeling like you never know what is going to hit you next!” — Fresh Fiction

When Cass finds her partner lying on the floor of their New Orleans tattoo shop in a pool of blood, the world as she knows it ends. Alex, her ink-slinging Michelangelo, lies in the hospital comatose, perhaps permanently.

Lacking faith in the police and their ability to find whoever shot Alex, Cass puts the word out that she’s seeking justice, justice she will willingly pay for.

When a Voodoo mambo offers the services of her mysterious godson, Cass finds herself stepping into a dark, deadly world, one that she may not walk out of again intact.

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