Upcoming Projects

Since I’ve decided to redesign my website (an ongoing project . . . LOL), I thought I should update everyone on what you’ll be seeing over the course of the next year.

  • A short story collection
  • Book 6 of The Maker’s Song–Pale Blue Flames
  • Book 3 of Hoodoo–Black Moon Mojo
  • Sons of Darkness Book 1
  • Thinning the Herd–a humorous UF story being released summer 2015 by Pocket

So keep watching! I’ll soon have count-down counters on the site and (hopefully) pre-order links, cover art, and more!


  1. I just found you again so the new website was news to me. I’m excited for you.

    I am really excited about Book 6 of The Maker’s Song Pale Blue Flames. Is there even an estimated date when I might start getting impatient? Joking – I’m already feeling butterflies of anticipation.

  2. Hi. Love your makers song series. Waiting patiently for book 6. So excited. Take kerr

  3. I’m really excited! Of course I want more of what you write 🙂 I’m just going to do the happy dance over the thought of getting those new books into my hands.

  4. Hi.just checking. Is der a release date for Pale blue wings. Thanx

  5. Sorry. I meant pale blue flames. Book 6 of the makers song series

  6. Any news on the new books?

  7. Hi, I’m in need of the new Makers Song book. When shall we expect it?

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