I've put together a street team to spread the word about A RUSH OF
WINGS, IN THE BLOOD and the January 2010 release of BENEATH THE

If you enjoyed RUSH and BLOOD and are excited about SKIN and want
to get everyone else in the world excited with you, join the street team!

Get the word out by giving bookmarks to your local booksellers and
librarians, your friends and coworkers, and by posting the book covers
on your website/blog or MySpace page.  I'll come up with more
promotion ideas as the year proceeds.

All Club Hell Street Team members will get a Club Hell keychain, a
Nightkind bumper sticker (good on laptops too!) and a special numbered
street team bookplate.  Not to mention my gratitude! ;)

The bookmarks have the cover of RUSH on one side and the cover for
BLOOD on the other.

If you're interested in joining, just drop me a line at
adrian@adrianphoenix.com and say, "Sign me the hell up!"
Photo credit to www.NewOrleansonline.com

      JEN P.
      JEN H.

Photos copyright 2008 by Susie Harris

1. For each bookmark handed out (this includes leaving them at
bookstores and libraries, so keep count): 1 point

2. For each recommendation you give:  1 point

3. For each person who reads Rush or Blood because of your
recommendation: 2 points

4. Having Dante as a friend on your MySpace page: 1 point/week
Having Dante as a top friend on your MySpace page: 2 points/week

5. For adding a link to my website in your email signature or including a
jpeg of the cover in your signature or including a reference to the book
(s): 2 points per week  

6. For creating a content box on your MySpace page featuring jpeg(s) of
the book(s) and/or links to my website or MySpace page (or Dante’s): 5
points per week

7. For each review of Rush that you post on your blog, website, MySpace
page, or any online bookstore site, or in a physical store, etc.: 3 points

8. For any other promotion you do on your own initiative like talking to
the bookstore personnel/managers about my books, making posters to
put up in willing bookstores, discussing special release day events – I’ll
decide on a case by case basis.  But please don’t feel you are obligated to
do anything other than hand out bookmarks and chat about the book.  

I appreciate everything each of you are doing and I’m blown-away by
your enthusiasm and dedication!!!


         Now to list the winners!

For December/January, the winners are:  Teresa, Brooke, and Tami.
Honorable mention: Steff, Chris, Dori, Taylor, Mandy, Shaz, Kyra, and

Teresa wins a Club Hell hoodie
Brooke wins a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble
Tami wins a nightkind mug or her choice of merchandise on zazzle.com

Again, thank you so much!!  With your help, more readers are
discovering Dante and Heather and Lucien’s world.  With your help,
the story continues!

If anyone needs more bookmarks, just let my assistant, Nate, know at