Giveaway Plus Von’s Costume Choices for Halloween

Giveaway Plus Von’s Costume Choices for Halloween

I (mistakenly) turned the keyboard over to Von for my Halloween post on Paranormal Haven. You have got to see the costumes he chose for Dante, Heather, Annie, Silver, Lucien–and himself. *slaps forehead* We’re also doing a giveaway that runs for the next 21 days! 3 signed copies of OMW and one more winner gets their choice from any of my titles.


Here’s a preview:

All righty then, Halloween or Endless Night, as it’s called here in N’awlins runs pretty much all October From bead-tossing parades (Halloween beads, y’all), to costume parties (hell, that’s pretty much year-round in the Quarter), to haunted house events so intense that kids aren’t allowed in, to drunken bacchanalias (hell, that’s also pretty much year-round), to spooky music festivals, zombie outbreaks, hoodoo, Voodoo, you’ll find it all here. And in darker corners, you might find even more than you wanted. I hear tell that there’s vampires around here. **grins**

So this year, I nagged asked the gang to let me choose the costumes for everyone. It didn’t take me long to reason with Dante. Funny how quickly a persons sees the validity of your ideas when you’re sitting on ’em. Without further ado (and what IS ado, anyway? Is it something I want?), here’s my choices for everyone.

We’re gonna have one helluva endless night! **winks**  Read the rest and see the costumes at Paranormal Haven.

Giveaway and Top Ten List on All Things Urban Fantasy

Giveaway and Top Ten List on All Things Urban Fantasy

There are a lot more shows on my DVR than ten, but I shared the top ones on All Things Urban Fantasy. I’m also giving away 3 signed copies of OMW and two signed copies of any of my titles, winner’s choice. Contest ends 10/17/13. Here’s a preview:


I enjoy watching good TV, love checking out new shows, and with DVR technology, it’s sooooo easy to record, well, everything. The other day, I was looking at my recorded programming and realized I would never have the time to watch each show, not if I planned to write on a regular basis and not if I hoped to avoid becoming a true couch potato. LOL.

It also dawned on me that there were shows that I watched immediately, eager to see what happens next and to who, and that there were shows I put off until I had nothing else to watch. No real excitement there, just a sense of duty. “Well, I’ve come this far, might as well finish the season.” What the . . . ? Why am I watching shows that don’t excite me? Why am I watching shows that I don’t look forward to?

A damned good question. Time is too short. Too valuable. So I started ruthlessly winnowing timers. Revolution-gone. Vampire Diaries-gone (to be fair, I used to enjoy this one, but it faded during the last season). Cold Justice-gone (we hardly knew ye). Super Fun Night-gone (one episode). Defiance-gone (although it had good moments, just not good enough). And so many more. I dropped from 79 timers to 34.

Read the rest and enter the giveaway at ALL THINGS URBAN FANTASY.


Signing at Powell’s 9/25

Signing at Powell’s 9/25

I will be doing a reading/signing event at Powell’s at Cedar Crossing 9/25 (tonight!) at 7PM. Please ignore the notice on the sidebar that says 7:30 PM. That’s just me, getting the time wrong. LOL. Hope to see you there!


Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

  1. Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
    3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
    Beaverton, OR 97005 (map/directions)


    MondaySaturday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

On Midnight Wings Released

On Midnight Wings Released

Book Five of The Maker’s Song series, On Midnight Wings, is out! Release day, 9/24, has finally rolled around. From the official press release


Praise for On Midnight Wings:

“Dedicated series readers will appreciate the nonstop action…It’s a complicated plot with dozens of point-of-view characters, and Phoenix masterfully keeps things flowing and coherent, even successfully providing enough well-placed exposition to allow new readers to jump on board.

A solid ending merely sets the stage for the next book.”

—Publishers Weekly

Praise for Adrian Phoenix:

“With every book of the Maker’s Song series, I am more enraptured.

Phoenix’s characters leap off the pages.”

—Fresh Fiction

“Phoenix makes her world of vampires and fallen angels come alive.”



To give you a preview of the book, here’s a link to the first four chapters: OMW Sample