OMW Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

OMW Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

I had just returned from a trip to Boise to attend the wake of a very dear friend, when I found out that Night Owl Reviews had chosen On Midnight Wings as a Top Pick. I am so thrilled! My sincere thanks to Night Owl Reviews and reviewer ELF. You can read the first part of the review here.

On Midnight Wings

Book Five of The Maker’s Song

This complex and alluring urban fantasy is filled with an almost overwhelming cast of characters who are disturbing yet mesmerizing. There is a sometimes dismaying amount of death and destruction yet one cannot help but feel empathy for the dichotomy personified in the main character, Dante. The adamantine bond which has been formed between him and his mortal lover Heather is delicious to observe yet its existence can still be threatened and this only adds to the escalating tension that is a perpetual aspect of this enthralling series. READ THE REST.

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