Dante Baptiste
Vocals, guitars, keyboards, song-writer.


Raised in Lafayette in a foster home, ran
away to New Orleans as a teen.  Speaks
Cajun and English.

5'9, slender and wiry, dark brown eyes,
pale, pale skin, black hair spilling past his

Appears to be 20 or 21 years old.

Rules Club Hell in the Quarter.

Black Bayou Jack

Former drummer for hard-core band,
Howling Mad, and for bluesman, Levi
"Mojo" Wilson.

28 years old and
Born in Acadia, Jack moved to New
Orleans as a teen and speaks Cajun,
French, and English.  

5'11 inches of hard-drumming muscle,
blue eyes, dark blond hair buzz-cut in the
sides, the rest a mane of braids dyed
Deep Cherry Red.  Stylized black-ink
tribal tattoos twist around his neck and

Eli LaRue

26 years old and mortal.  

New Orleans born and bred.
6 ft, tall and rangy
Shoulder-length brown dreads
Almond-shaped jade-green eyes
Cafe-au-lait skin, a blend of bloodlines.  
He speaks Cajun, English, Cantonese,
and French.

Antoine Morris

26 years old and mortal.

A native New Yorker, Antoine moved to
New Orleans to study blues and jazz by
the masters on the streets.  He speaks
English, Japanese, and French.  Ever
since he hooked up with Dante and
Inferno, he's been learning Cajun.

6'1, athletic, dark brown skin,
toffee-colored eyes, his black hair is a
natural, untrimmed 'fro.